Student Funding & Student Loan

  • local housing allowance
  • living allowance 
  • student loan 

Student funding is available for the cost of the 12-week medical office assistant or the 14-week Unit clerk program this includes all textbooks and miscellaneous costs. Students who are applying for a student loan must schedule an appointment with an enrollment advisor at our downtown Calgary campus, appointments usually last one hour and students will know the same day if they are approved.

The majority of students and adult students are immediately approved for the tuition costs plus receive an additional amount for living expenses while they are in our program. It’s best to bring a copy of your high school transcripts to your meeting with your enrollment advisor, this will help them qualify you for approval on the same day.

To schedule an appointment call:

Newcomers to Canada that have lived in Alberta for 12 months are eligible to apply for student loans, please bring original credential documents from your country of origin.